For those who want to find out the latest trends in the food service and hotel industry, Sirha Moscow 2014 would be your choice.
Thouands of professionals of the hotel and restaurant businesses are gathering for a high-profile show of their best skills and products.
Let's take a tour and explore all their secrets and wonders.
Seeing is believing. But just have a double check before you call it a pig or a sheep. (Note: showing pictures of the sheep-like pig breed called bouclon)
"Gueze company was established in 1933. We produce the high quality ham and sell it to the 3-stars Michelin restaraunts. And for our ham we found the pig breed called bouclon [buclo:] in France. The bouclon pig is a very special one because it looks like a sheep, it has fleece. There are 1200 bouclons left so it's a very rare breed."

It's not only the delicious ham that pleases the visitors at "Sirha Moscow 2014" but they can also taste drinks like chestnut beer.

SOUNDBITE (FRENCH): HUBERT ROMMIER, "Bourganel" Brewery "Our speciality is the beer with local ingredients, French local ingredientes inside. Like blueberry, chestnut, like honey, like nougat and even verbena which is a medicinal herb. No chemicals. And it's like French cooking."

French cuisine has a very long history. It consists of two main parts: the elegant aristocratic cuisine and the one for ordinary people. The aristocratic cuisine took shape at the Bourbon court when Paris became the world trendsetter. And in the different areas of France people have their particular recipes from the old ages.

"I present the cuisine of bouchon. It's a type of restaurant found in Lyons. In Lyons there are women who keep the kitchen and they are called "les Meres" what means "the mothers". I am one of the last "les Meres"." The Sirha Moscow salon presents outstanding professionals, leading technologies and excellent food.
The first Sirha exhibition was held in 1983 in east-central Franch city of Lyons and has been held there every two years.
Over the years, the exhibition has expanded its geography, showing up in Geneva, Shanghai, Istanbul and for the second year in Moscow.